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apartment update

Thank you to everyone who emailed and commented on my last post! A reader suggested Benjamin Moore's Queen Anne Pink, and it was exactly what I was looking for. I'm very happy with the way my walls turned out -- grown up, but still feminine (thank you Abigail!!).

After my saintly little brother helped me paint last weekend, I (naturally) went on a bit of craigslist shopping spree. Not to brag, but if Craigslist stalking was a sport I'd probably medal in it. I think that's what happens when you're delightfully impoverished yet don't want to live like it. Anywho, I foud those gold leaf brass bamboo coffee tables for $12 a piece, and the clean-lined gold sofa - which needs to be reupholstered - for $100. 

Of course, the room is hardly finished. Above are the items I'd love to buy next. Acquiring things slowly makes me appreciate what I have... but my inner Veruca Salt wants it all NOW! 

Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp. Bay Leaf Wreath for the front door (which I will probably paint in some way...). Opus 2 by Chad Wys (found through my friend Katie who has the best taste ever). Cheeky Nude Silhouette by Hugo Guinness. Modern White Plastic Chair. Claire Vivier Tassel. Cowhide Rug. 


Macau trực tuyến Baccaraton sleepwear

I love my getting-ready-for-bed ritual. How stress seems to dissipate with a piping hot bath, the clean lavender smell of Dr. Bronner’s soap, the whipped texture of my potions and lotions, the dreading of flossing my teeth, the feeling of profound accomplishment post-flossing. I keep my white sheets obsessively clean and am an expert at folding hospital corners (much in part to this book). There’s nothing I love more than being perfectly scrubbed and climbing into a fresh bed (wish I could apply this mentality to my car – it’s a mess!).

But just before I turned out the lights last night, I realized that my routine was missing something: pretty sleepwear. I’m embarrassed to admit that I sleep in worn-in cotton t-shirts and shorts (à la Karlie Kloss, but way less glamorous). True, I have no one to impress but myself... But shouldn’t that be enough? I immediately looked online to “browse” (I have zero self-control) and now have my heart set on the above Dorothy Draper-approved pajamas as found on Elements of Style. Marigot’s offerings are pretty awesome, too (I borrowed one of their cotton sets for this photo – they're beautifully made and feel like satin). And then, of course, there's newcomer Sleepy Jones whose pajamas make you instantly cooler. Before I went to sleep, I decided that at some point this year I would invest in something lovely.

Who makes your favorite pajamas? Are there any secret lines I need to be aware of? What do French women sleep in? Should I just chuck it all out the window and simply wear Chanel No. 5 like Marilyn? Your thoughts on any and all of the above would be greatly appreciated :)      

(photos of Karlie by Angelo Pennetta)


a lovely giveaway: jacques levine's "laura" loafer! 

This afternoon, I couldn’t be more pleased to announce a lovely being’s very first giveaway! And with one of my favorite companies to boot. When Jacques Levine contacted me last month to see if I’d be interested in working with them, how could I say anything but yes? As a self-proclaimed lover of shoes and all things pretty, I fell madly in love with their sweet raffia Belgian loafer (the “laura”). The company was kind enough to send me a pair of my very own to test out… readers, I love them. They’re beautifully made and fit like a dream (Sam at JL advised me to go a half size up – I’m normally a 7.5, and the 8 is perfect). Plus (!), they make me feel like Audrey Hepburn.

Lucky for you, Jacques Levine is graciously offering one of my readers a chance to win a pair of their very own! It’s important to note that I’d never give away anything I didn’t personally love (hence why I’ve waited nearly 3.5 years to do a giveaway). I wear these shoes all the time, and can personally attest for their awesomeness. To enter the giveaway…

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mary mcdonald's dollhouse

One of my absolute favorite interior designers, Mary McDonald, recently partnered with Martin Lawrence Bullard to design a couture dollhouse (he decorated the top floor, she le rez-de-chaussée). Not that I even need to say this, but this wasn’t just any dollhouse. As the final product was to be auctioned off for a cause (UCLA’s Mattel Children’s Hospital, to be exact), Mary went all out. Among other things, the house comes with de Gournay-esque wallpaper, custom upholstery and plastic pugs. Basically, I want to move in! All I have to say is that when I have kids, I’m going to have wayyy more fun with their dollhouses than they do :)

(a special thanks to James at MMI for sending these photos! xo)


une citation

"What good shall I do today?" 

-Benjamin Franklin