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the aristocratic arch

This feature re: thick eyebrows in the September issue of Town & Country stopped me dead in my tracks. It’s as if they could read my mind! I, too, am a huge fan of Kate Middleton’s luscious brows, and have recently set out to thicken mine up. They were never thin to begin with, but I'd like them to make more of a statement (what I would give to to visit Anastasia Soare at her famous brow salon in Beverly Hills!). What is your take on thick eyebrows? Do you use a brow pencil? Which celebrity/icon/person of interest, in your opinion, has the best brows? 


Macau trực tuyến Baccaratat home with... gucci westman

Who doesn’t love Gucci Westman? The celebrated makeup artist and global artistic director for Revlon was profiled years ago in the January 2007 issue of House & Garden (you know, the one with Chloë Sevigny on the cover?). Upon rediscovering it, I had to scan + post! It’s always fun to get a peek into creative’s homes, no? The little snippets that we see here - that floral wallpaper, the lace tablecloth... - is enough to make one think that her entire townhouse must be phenomenal! Hopefully one day, we’ll see it in its entirety in one of the glossies.


bella foster + w magazine

While flipping through W Magazine this weekend, I noticed that Bella Foster was now illustrating for the publication! I love her. Of all her work for this issue, these perfume bottles really take the cake. I wish she’d make prints so I could blow them up and frame them :) 

(scanned from the September issue of W


bryce dallas howard + kate spade f/w '11

After watching this Kate Spade short, I’ve come to three conclusions: 1) I need to invest in a pair of hot pink socks asap 2) The amount of effort, planning and manpower that a professional shoot requires, always forgotten when looking at an ad, is rather astonishing! 3) Bryce Dallas Howard has me thisclose to running to the nearest pharmacy and purchasing red hair dye. Bryce's makeup was by Gucci Westman, one of my all-time favorite makeup artists. So pretty. PS - Did you know that she is the daughter of actor/director Ron Howard? I sure didn't!



Did you hear? Kate Spade has partnered with Poppy King (the Lipstick Queen) to launch a line of lipsticks. The line, titled “Supercalifragilipstick!,” will offer four shades:  Pop Art Pink, a light pink (and creative directorDeborah Lloyd’s favorite); Bashful Blush, a sheer nude; Fuchsia Fête, a sheer fuchsia, and Adventurous Red, a sheer red. I can’t wait to get my hands on a tube, if only because it looks so very lovely :)