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Macau trực tuyến Baccaratvogue's new book of beauty, 1962

I purchased the 1962 edition of Vogue’s New Book of Beauty a few months ago. Like most vintage magazines, it’s a marvelous feast for the eyes - I just had to scan in the cover + of my favorite photos. But while the issue is aesthetically beautiful, I’m a tad horrified by what advice Vogue had to offer for it’s readers - the publication actually promotes crash diets! It makes me pleased to live in such a modern decade where the general population has a more realistic view on health. Now, back to those photos... aren't they stunning? :) 


Macau trực tuyến Baccarat"the top shelf" with julia frakes

Call me une voyeuse, but I love peeking into the closets + beauty cabinets of stylish women. I don’t know much about Julia Frankes (other than that she’s gorgeous and essentially a celebrity on twitter...), but her favorite beauty products tell me that we’d get along swimmingly-- she has the Chanel polish in Riva that I've been lusting after for weeks. Merci beaucoup to Ms. Emily Weiss for another fantastic “top shelf” interview! 

p.s. -- check out Julia's blog + tumblr! you'll love.


It is with great excitement that I announce Matchbook: Field Guide to a Charmed Life. Matchbook is the brainchild of Katie Armour and Jane Lilly Warren; The talented duo has brought me on their team as Associate Editor! I simply can’t wait until the magazine’s launch in January 2011-- from lipstick to letterpress, from Paris to Peru, we’ve been working day and night to create a unique lifestyle publication of the very highest caliber. Won’t you join us on this grand adventure? We’re on both Twitter and Facebook, and, of course, you can visit us at I truly can’t thank you enough for your continued support-- we wouldn’t be here without you! XOXOXO


spring flower

While I was at my girlfriend's home this weekend, I noticed this rather striking pink bottle on her vanity. She told me that it was Creed's famous "Spring Flower" fragrance, created by the company in 1951 exclusively for Audrey Hepburn. A little research revealed that this soft floral perfume was the gamine's signature scent. It wasn't released for sale to the public until 1996, three years after Ms. Hepburn's death. My sweet friend allowed me to try it on-- I felt so elegant knowing that Audrey once wore it, too! I'm really hoping that Santa will put a bottle in my stocking this year ;) 


Macau trực tuyến Baccaratj.crew jabber

Anyone who cruises J.Crew’s wedding site for fun (like myself) has surely seen these photos. But, they’re so beautiful that I had to put them on the blog! I’m on a mission to find a feather skirt similar to the one in the first photo. I’m such a ham... I love wearing statement pieces like that. I also love that J.Crew has made it cool to be pale again! Truly fantastic for my wan self. On a side note, I think that the model is wearing Essie's "Chubby Cheeks" on her fingernails-- one of my favorite polishes ever. Have you ever tried it?! I'm obsessed :)