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on this day in history...

Thomas Stearns Elliot, famous poet and playwright,
was born in St. Louis, Missouri.   



the chicest cat lady around

Growing up, I was terrified of cats. In recent years, though, I’ve had a total change of heart! It certainly seems like they’re the busy fashionista’s animal of choice, don’t you think? Grace Coddington, the industry’s chicest cat lady, actually published a book of feline sketches a few years ago. Like Ms. Coddington herself, The Catwalk Cats is both heartfelt + hilarious (not to mention, terribly fashion forward). It’s currently at the top of my Amazon wish list (although I'd love to find a signed copy...). Do you have cats?


want of the day

As a little girl, my favorite book was called A is for Annabelle. It is an alphabetical directory about a doll named Annabelle + the things in her wardrobe (“B is for the Bonnet she wears in her hair.”). That being said, it’s no wonder that I find Fendi’s new book, The Whispered Directory of Craftmanship, so delightful! The yellow livre is somewhat like an “A is for Annabelle” for adults, spotlighting fine italian companies, restaurants and boutiques instead of lace bonnets and such. It'd make a handsome coffee table book, no? Nevermind the fact that have no plans to jet off to Milan, etc. anytime soon :) 


the eye has to travel

This Fall, I will most certainly be picking up a copy of The Eye Has to Travel by Lisa Immordino Vreeland (who happens to be married to the legendary editor’s grandson). The book, due in stores on October 1, promises fresh new content about DV - I simply cawn’t wait! The author is also set to release the first DV documentary of the same name, which reportedly features interviews with Diane Von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta and Ali McGraw (who briefly worked as Vreeland’s assistant at Bazaar). Both book and film are sure to be, as Diana would say, DEEH-VINE!


Macau trực tuyến Baccaratscarves

Macau trực tuyến BaccaratKevin Sharkey, a top creative at Martha Stewart, has one of the best Macau trực tuyến Baccaratblogs around. The man is particularly near and dear to my heart because he will occasionally scan images from books (both new and vintage) for his site. The silk confections above are from Nicky Albrechtsen and Fola Solanke new book, Scarves, published only a few months ago. Mr. Sharkey wrote about the book earlier today in hopes that the age-old accessory (which, he says, looks just as good hung above a mantel as it does on one’s head), would make a comeback. I’m with him 100%. Because, at least in my book, scarves = instant chic :)