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boden autumn 2015

I bought a pair of black leather ankle boots and a cashmere cardigan today. Why? Because Kansas City is notoriously humid in the summer and I’m over it. I’m ready for Fall. Needless to say, the arrival of Boden’s early autumn catalog in my mailbox this afternoon was a welcome surprise. The styling of their latest collection featuring a mod London girl about town makes me want to drop everything and book it to Britian. I want everything! Those leopard pumps and vintage Pengiun books, in particular. Check out all new arrivals here (don’t forget to freeze your credit card first).


belles of the ball

There were so many beautiful dresses at the Oscars last night, but these two were hands down my favorite. Kiera Knightley looked like a dream in Valentino. Styled by Leith Clark, the gown was feminine and whimsical and I think Kiera should live in it. Ms. Leith posted a detailed shot of the dress on instagram... it's beautiful. Chloe Moretz in Miu Miu looks like an extra from my favorite film, Marie Antoinette. The cut of the gown, and that floral silk! Good grief. Also, how cute are those pockets? A perfect solution to the "what do I do with my hands" problem :)

(images via the New York Times)


House of Hamish

A few days ago on Facebook, World of Interiors announced that their November issue would debut Hamish Bowles’ stunning new Manhattan apartment (see his former Manhattan apartment here, and his Parisian flat here and here). I know I’m not alone when I say that I’ve been waiting years for this. Compared to his previous New York home, the new space possesses a certain elegance, regality. This makes sense as the design was masterminded by both Mr. Bowles and Roberto Peregalli and Laura Satori Rimini of Studio Peregalli, the Italian design team which turns out rooms better suited for Lady Mary than Katy Perry. 

I downloaded the digital copy of the magazine this morning, but I can’t wait to get my hands on the print to fully take in the space’s details. I’m swept away by that kitchen, the quilted bedspread, those light fixtures, that marmalade sofa. I have a feeling this editorial will provide inspiration for years to come. Enjoy! 

(photos by Simon Upton)


scatter my ashes at charleston

I've been scheming a visit to Charleston, the East Sussex farm house of Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell, for years. In stark contrast to the minimlist aesthetic favored by all the cool kids, I love stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. My favorite homes are little jewel boxes that are liberally trinket-ed and personalized down to the baseboards. Fittingly, I consider Charleston my design mecca. And a photo shoot at Charleston? Brilliant!

I appreciate that the styling in this Harper Bazaar's UK November editorial complements Charleston's essence. I'm also mad about those pretty brown lug-soled shoes. They remind me of my friend Margaret's awesome Doc Martens that I've been jealous of for months :) If I weren't so poor right now, I'd probably buy these in the Cherry color. Maybe If I'm extra good this week karma will smile upon me and I'll find a pair at the thrift store...


mindblowing socks

Earlier this summer, I purchased the perfect pair of high-waisted indigo jeans (if you don’t believe me, try them on!). I cropped them just slightly because I thought the silhouette more flattering on my frame. While I don’t regret the alterations, I’ve come to find that the cold air and my exposed ankles do not get along. The solution, of course, is a few great pairs of pattered socks. And in my quest for socks, I discovered two companies that, in my opinion, make the prettiest footwear textiles on earth: Strathcona Stockins and Antipast. My chosen Strathcona Stockings offerings, images one and three, have a Diana Vreeland essence to them… If DV was alive today, she’d be wearing them in her “Garden from Hell” living room whilst sprawled on her red sofa, cigarette in hand, verbally dictating notes to whomever was in earshot. Antipast's "Edelweiss" pair, center, is sweet, expensive and sold at Barneys (so you know it’s good). While we're here, I also am on a hunt for a pair of red socks (the exact shade TBD) but haven't found them yet. I’m very particular, if you can’t tell : ) 

Question of the hour: who makes your favorite pair of socks?