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une citation

“She was obsessed with being surrounded by things. In her room, she had a wardrobe with a see-through door full of toys and bits of popular art. Everything was in it’s place. So tidy. Though she was physically a wreck, everything about her was so tidy. And she was always so well turned-out.”

-Raquel Tibol, friend to Frida in her later years, as told to BBC 


want of the day

A few years ago when Tom Ford's "Nikita" sunglasses came to market, I purchased the ivory pair. They are the most fun to wear and totally make me feel like a '50s movie star (even in workout clothes!). This Spring, I'm aching for the "Nikita" in tortoise. They're so damn chic! As I plan to sport cat-eye glasses my entire life, I'll be wearing them well into my 80's. And then I can pass them onto my grandchildren. I think it's a good investment, don't you? :) 


chez carolina issa

I discovered these lovely images of Carolina Issa at home in London on Tod's website (while looking at shoes that I can't afford :). First of all, the burgundy suit, pale pink secretary blouse + nude pump combo is killer. Second, her shelves are beautiful! As you can tell in these photos, they go over the doorway and have no rhyme or reason. I love that they’re not perfectly organized and kind of magpie. Clutter can sometimes stress people out, but I find it energizing to be surrounded by my things. They make me feel at home. Minimalism is wonderful and I certainly appreciate it, but I simply don't know how to do it! Maybe in my next life. See the rest of Caroline's feature here


the boat and tote

Confession: I’m 25 years old and I don’t carry a real purse. I’ve owned a slew of beautiful bags, but I always end up trashing them: a cap-less lipstick will Jackson Pollock the lining, I’ll spill something and stain the leather, I’ll mysteriously tear it, etc. After the last miserable instance, I had had enough. Call it regression, but for the past year I’ve carried an L.L. Bean canvas tote bag and I couldn’t be happier. I’m not afraid to place it on the ground at restaurants, it can be thrown in the washing machine, and it literally will. not. tear. It’s started to fray a bit on the bottom and the black handles are fading, but I find it somewhat charming. Oh, and because it’s open it never becomes a black hole. My friends make fun of me because they obviously don’t know how cool it is. If Chloë Sevigny carries one, it’s certainly good enough for me! 

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life lessons with jenna lyons

I prefer to make my own life mistakes rather than save myself the excrustiating misery + learn from the mistakes others have made before me (note: extreme sarcasm). That being said, I still enjoy hearing/reading advice from wise women I admire. This short feature with Jenna Lyons appears in the Spring 2014 issue of Porter, Net-A-Porter's new publication. It's short and motivating, a nice mid-day read. Enjoy!