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scalamandré + pierrepont hicks = love

I am so pleased to see the recent collaboration between two of my favorite companies, Scalamandré and Pierrepont Hicks! Were it not only pre-order, wouldn't this zebra tie be perfect for Father's Day? (PLUS, If your dad didn't like you could always "borrow" it for use as an awesome curtain tieback...). Anywho, both Scalamandré and PPH make beautiful & lasting objects d'art that I could eat with a spoon. Isn't it wonderful when two brands you love come together? This summer seems to be full of good collaborations :)


drake's pocket squares

I’ve always found men’s clothing to be a bit limiting. Recently, though, I’ve realized that menswear is about the details. Little things like ties, cufflinks, and of course pocket squares, can reveal worlds about a man’s personality (whether he’s conscious of it or not!). Some men are uncomfortable with fashion and are afraid to take risks. If this sounds familiar, might I suggest purchasing one of Drake’s pocket squares as a Valentine’s Day gift? I prefer the patterned ones, but the polka dot number is perfect for someone of a more conservative nature. I'm tempted to buy one for myself just because they're so beautiful! 

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what I didn't get for christmas

Leave it to Partners & Spade to publish a quirky book like this one! What I Didn’t Get for Christmas is a compilation of hilarious "woe is me" stories from men regarding what they didn’t get for Christmas at some point in their lives. Partners & Spade produced it as “branded content” for J.Crew’s Liquor Store. I want one!


hatchery by pierrepont hicks

Hatchery by Pierrepont Hicks is a new line of ties “designed with superior, luxury fabrics.” They’re the kind of ties that your stylish, Pulitzer Prize-winning college professor would wear. The ties are hand-stitched and, if they’re anything like Pierrepont’s signature line, they feel like butter. I never thought I’d be such a nut for men’s fashion, but I absolutely adore this company! A tie from the hatchery line would make the perfect gift for your father, brother, boyfriend, husband.. My one complaint? That I can’t wear one, too!