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julia child's salade ni?oise

In the little bit of free time I have on Sunday afternoons, I’ve been cooking. Nothing too fancy, just preparing a few simple meals that I can eat throughout my busy week. Yesterday, however, I was overcome with an intense craving for Salade Niçoise and decided that I needed to make one this upcoming Sunday. Salads typically do not hold well enough to last for the week, but that is OK — I am happy to eat it all in one day. 

For the novelty of it, I’ll use Julia Child’s recipe in The Way to Cook (which she named one of her 100 favorite recipes of all time). Lucky for me, an old episode of The French Chef in which she prepares it is available for viewing on YouTube. In this particular episode, she carves out some time to visit a beautiful farmer’s market in Nice (if you love capers like I do, go to 24:00 — you’ll freak out!). Le marché est très charmant, and her bellowing voice speaking french makes me smile. I could honestly watch this for hours.

Pray my salad turns out well. You really can't mess a salad up that much anyway, right? (Famous last words :). 


happy pi day!

“Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness."

-Jane Austen

(delicious pie via Macau trực tuyến BaccaratBon Appétit)


cocktail talk in spades

Today is wild! As I don't have much time to post, I thought I'd share this short interview with Kate & Andy Spade on the subject of entertaining. Bon Appetit asks America's Sweethearts how they take their martinis (stirred, not shaken) and what Spade-approved cocktail attire looks like (Popeye would love them). Cheers!

(scanned by yours truly)


Macau trực tuyến Baccaratalice waters + apartamento

When I picked up the newest issue of Apartamento today, I was thrilled to see that the magazine included an interview with Alice Waters (of Chez Panisse + The Edible Schoolyard Project fame). The article, of course, is wonderful, but it’s really the accompanying illustrations that caught my attention. They’re by Spanish artist Jordi Labanda (who has an eye for color like you wouldn’t believe). I bought my copy at this goldmine of an independent bookstore called Ooga Booga, located in LA’s Chinatown. Lucky for you, the store also has an online boutique where you can purchase a copy of Apartamento for your archives - click here if you're intersted! 


beekeeping à l'opéra national de paris

Jean Paucton has (completely unintentionally) become one of the world’s most famous beekeepers. On a whim, the 77-year-old former prop assistant for l'Opéra National de Paris took a class in beekeeping in early 2008. Mr. Paucton originally set up his hives on the balcony of his Paris apartment, but after receiving more than a few complaints from his neighbors he decided that he needed to find his “pets” a new home. Thankfully, the Palais Garnier allowed their longtime employee to continue his hobby on their roof. Soon after, the beekeeper and his bees were photographed for Paris Match - the international press went wild! Jars of Mr. Paucton’s honey are now among the most expensive in the world. Isn't the finished product beautiful? :)