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want of the day

I’m way into C. Wonder's whimsical alligator earrings. At $34, they’re a ton of fun and an easy way to spice up my usual all-black fare. I’m also a fan of their leather and chain double wrap necklace (sounds so 50 Shades of Gray, doesn't it?) and their chic nappa leather tassel key ring. Now, if they only had free shipping…


chanel + la montre première

The styling in this Chanel film is so spot-on! It also doesn't hurt that I'm a watch person (you can see what I wear everyday here :). Before you press "play", you may want to whip out a pen and paper to take notes - this little promo definitely got my wheels spinning. My favorite prop were those adorable helmets... I think Colette sells them and I think I should have one. Anywho, enjoy! x   


charmed, I'm sure

Much like the signet rings we discussed last week, I’ve always wanted a pretty gold charm bracelet. Something I could slowly add beautiful little pieces to over the years to signify important events in my life or simply things I love.

I think my charm bracelet lust started when I was about five or six... I remember sitting with my grandmother in her beautiful dressing room as she showed me the gold bracelet that had once been her mother’s. The charms, most of which were added during the ‘40s and ‘50s, were so delicate and intricate: a gold envelope that one could “open” to find a tiny love letter, a gentlemen’s pocket watch, a (possibly working?) compass. It was almost like a visual memoir of her life! Of course at the time, I thought of it as a fun toy :)

Though I’ve always loved charm bracelets, it was the Annais Vogel charms pictured above that really got my wheels spinning on the subject. Aren’t they gorgeous? Ms. Vogel received her first Victorian charm at the age of eight and has been hooked on them ever since. From my understanding, all of her goods are vintage and one-of-a-kind. Swoon.   

Anyway, I’d love to get my own bracelet started at some point this year. Maybe on my 25th birthday in July… that seems like a nice, rounded time to begin one (says my OCD-self). Do you have a charm bracelet? If so, where do you find charms? I'd be so curious to hear what you have to say! x

(one of Annais Vogel's charm bracelts. obsessed!)


signet rings

I’ve always wanted a little gold signet ring. Years ago in Mrs. Faschi's high school English class, I remember having a converstaion with Macau trực tuyến BaccaratMolly about her mom's gorgeous teeny gold initialed ring that she received long ago from her high school sweetheart. Post-discussion, my thoughts landed somewhere along the lines of, “OK, if Annie (Molly & Sally’s ridiculously chic mother) has one, then they must be cool!” (I was - and still am - a huge nerd).  

But honestly speaking, some of the coolest ladies I know wear them. My own grandmother, Dianne, has a healthy-sized gold rendition that never leaves her index finger. Princess Di was often photographed wearing one (though I couldn't tell if hers featured a crest or her initials). And more recently, my friend Katie has been sporting a beautiful gold number purchased through Mark & Graham (find it here!). 

I’d like to have a whisper of one to wear on my pinky, and I’m fairly certain that Mark and Graham’s petite signet would do the trick. I find the idea of heirloom jewelry - the notion that this might be something I could pass onto my grandchildren - terribly romantic... that being said, I still love my quirky Forever 21 pieces like nobody's business :) 

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re: pearls

"I am extremely disappointed to see that we have used practically no pearls at all in the past few issues. In fact, many necklines could have been helped by pearls worn inside the dress that show inside the cutaway sides and back of most ordinary dresses on top...

I speak of this very often -- and as soon as I stop speaking the pearls disappear.

Nothing gives the luxury of pearls. Please keep this in mind."

-Diana Vreeland in a December 9, 1966 memo