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une citation

"Big girls need big diamonds."

-Elizabeth Taylor


the carousel bangle watch

Upon viewing this instagram photo by Ms. Katie Evans, I became completely enamored by Kate Spade’s new line of wristwear. I’ve always found bangle watches to be very chic (my grandmother used to wear a gold one on special occasions), and I love brightly-colored enamel bracelets. The hybrid of these two elements is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Nordstrom has the entire line available for viewing here. Which watch do you fancy? My favorites are the above :) 

(one, two, three


my favorite jewelry

Last night (when I was cleaning my messy room...), I decided to round up a few pieces of my go-to jewelry and snap a few photos for the blog. Without further ado... The strands of pearls were found at an antique shop in Indiana for a whopping $3. My Michelle watch was a 17th birthday gift from my parents (I love the fact that I'm able to swap out the bands with such ease). The gold + white enamal earrings were a $10 purchase from the Melrose Trading Post. Those lovely gold bangles? I inhereted them from my wildly stylish grandmother. And finally, the cameo ring was a 23rd birthday gift from my mom. Ooh, I just love jewelry :)


the vamoose

How have I not heard of jewelry company The Vamoose before? The above are photos from their latest collection, which is inspired by the earth and the sea. As luck would have it, most of these pieces (which just went up on the shop a week or two ago) are already sold out online! C’est la vie.. I’m sure their next collection will be equally as beautiful.

P.S. -- Merci beaucoup to Greedy Girl for bringing this lovely company to my attention!
Her blog is one of my favorites :)

want of the day

I was instantly smitten when I came across this gorgeous floral necklace on Etsy. The designer named it the Hummingbird Necklace because she felt that its bright flowers were the type of blooms that Hummingbirds would like to hover around-- so sweet. The necklace is made from vintage materials, thus rendering it eco-friendly. I’d love it regardless, but finding out that a cute product is also green is like putting the cherry on top of a delicious Sundae. Don't you think?