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she & him: volume 3

Are you ready for the best news you’ve heard all day? A new She & Him album dropped this morning! You can preview Volume 3 in its entirety on NPR Music here (in case you were wondering, my favorite song is “Somebody Sweet To Talk To”). The album makes me want to tie a scarf in my hair, put on my cat eye sunglasses and take a road trip. In otherwords, it's fantastic. I just know you'll adore, too :)


tennis, anyone? 

How adorable are Alaina Moore + Patrick Riley, the husband-and-wife duo behind my new favorite band, Tennis? The college sweethearts released their second album, Young & Old, this past Valentine’s Day (fitting, no? :). It’s rare that I enjoy an entire album, but this one is wonderful from the first track to the last. I highly recommend it.

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on this day in history...

Jane Mallory Birkin, the British actress and singer, was born in London
to actress Judy Campbell & Royal Navy lieutenant-commander David Birkin.



It is with great excitement that I announce Matchbook: Field Guide to a Charmed Life. Matchbook is the brainchild of Katie Armour and Jane Lilly Warren; The talented duo has brought me on their team as Associate Editor! I simply can’t wait until the magazine’s launch in January 2011-- from lipstick to letterpress, from Paris to Peru, we’ve been working day and night to create a unique lifestyle publication of the very highest caliber. Won’t you join us on this grand adventure? We’re on both Twitter and Facebook, and, of course, you can visit us at I truly can’t thank you enough for your continued support-- we wouldn’t be here without you! XOXOXO


want of the day

Last Christmas, my boyfriend received a vinyl copy of New Order’s Macau trực tuyến Baccarat"Power, Corruption & Lies" from a DJ friend of his. I was so jealous! I wanted to frame it and hang it on my wall (regardless of what the music sounded like..). Unfortunately, he wouldn’t give it to me (that brat!). Which I guess is understandable-- it was a Christmas gift, after all. But, I’m v. excited because I just found a used copy on eBay. Hope I win! I think it’d be a great addition to my wall. Do you/would you hang old records in your home?