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emma hill's playlist

I love music, but I’m far too reliant on my friends to keep me updated with the newest bands. When I find a song that I like, it’s usually several months old and already “over.” Oops. This is why I love ready-made playlists... it's new music without the research! Emma Hill, creative director of Mulberry, compiled this one for the Wall Street Journal. I have yet to listen to all of the songs, but at first glance it looks pretty good. How do you stay on top of music these days? Do you read music blogs? Have a Spotify account? Listen to Pandora? I'd love to hear it. 

P.S. - If you've heard any good artists/songs/albums lately, please share! :)


kate spade music

In 2005, Kate & Andy Spade produced “Kate Spade Music,” a lovely CD featuring songs by the British band Beaumont. While the music itself isn’t particularly to my taste, the CD comes with a square booklet of images that entirely makes up for it. I scanned in a few of my favorites - aren’t they wonderful? If you’re interested, copies of the CD are still for sale on Amazon for less than $20. Even if you don’t like the music, the booklet (which is well worth $20 in and of itself) would be a great addition to your inspiration board :) 


happy monday!

Happy Monday, dahlings! I hope your weekend was fantastic :) California is absolute heaven—I think we’re meant to be. I can’t thank you enough for all of your suggestions as to where to go while in Los Angeles! I’m spending part of today making a little itinerary for myself.
While catching up on blogs this morning, I came across the gorgeous October cover of Vogue Australia. Although I have yet to get my hands on a copy of the September issue of the magazine, I’m already looking forward to what’s next! It’s almost Spring in Australia, hence the floral cover. Aren’t they lucky that they're able to emulate looks fresh off the New York Fashion Week S/S 2011 runway?
The internet here is excruciatingly slow! I’ll be back soon with more posts xoxo

(photo by Macau trực tuyến BaccaratNicole Bentley for Vogue Australia; via)