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life well planned

While flipping through channels the other day, I happened to pass MSNBC on a commercial break and caught a this wonderful Raymond James ad. Who thought that a commercial for a financial services company could be so stylish and good-natured? I want to be best friends with Emily Skinner, fastidious librarian and oldest woman to ever live. Raymond James also has another commercial I love called "The Five Harriets." Don't they make you happy? :)


pan am!

After the wild success of AMC’s “Mad Men,” a slew of television shows set in the early ‘60s will be premiering this fall. I’m most excited for ABC’s “Pam Am,” launching on September 25. The show promises a great wardrobe (if nothing else!). For a girl who l-o-v-e-s retro clothing, I couldn’t be more excited. What are your thoughts on “Pan Am” and the early ‘60s TV trend? Although it’s a fad, I hope it’s long-lasting... I just adore this era :)