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dans la valise de inès de la fressange

While cruising Apple's Newsstand on my iPad last night, I discovered Air France's Madame. Have you read it before? C'est très magnifique! I was delighted to find a visual list of Inès de la Fressange's packing essentials in the magazine's most recent installment. I dream of one day owning Longchamp luggage (in case you're feeling generous, this in chocolate would do just fine). I also enjoy cashmere socks... Inès and I are practically twins! I thought for sure she'd include a pair of pristine white Converse sneakers here, mais non (the former model raves about them in her book, Parisian Chic).

If you get a chance, download a few issues of Madame during today's lunch hour. If anything, it's a terribly chic (and free!) mental vacation :) 


want of the day: fantasy gifts

I love Holiday catalogs. Why? Because it’s this time of year that companies tend to rollout the most extravagant, beautiful, limited-time products/vacations-for-purchase (remember that Tory Burch trike last year at Neiman Marcus?). When I was little, I’d spend hours paging through “The Book” obsessing about what I wanted Santa to bring me for Christmas. Sadly, not much has changed since then! This year, Anthropologie + Neiman Marcus are offering some pretty fab fantasy gifts. First, there's NM's International Flower Show Tour which includes stops at the Tulip Festival in Morges, Switzerland + the Altera Rosa Festival in Avignon, France. NM's daytrip to Stone Barn Farms isn't too shabby, either: purchasers of this $9,500 gift (100% of which is donated back fo the farm) get a private "edible garden lesson" with the farm's manager as well as an amazing cooking lesson + four-course organic meal. Last on my fantasy gift-list is Anthropologie's boxed set of vintage society books. Curated by Kinsey Marable, I really do belive that it was made for me. To unwrap this number on Chrismas morning would be nothing short of pure bliss (hint hint!). Note to self: 'Tis better to give than receive. 'Tis better to give than receive. 'Tis better to give than receive...



It is with great excitement that I announce Matchbook: Field Guide to a Charmed Life. Matchbook is the brainchild of Katie Armour and Jane Lilly Warren; The talented duo has brought me on their team as Associate Editor! I simply can’t wait until the magazine’s launch in January 2011-- from lipstick to letterpress, from Paris to Peru, we’ve been working day and night to create a unique lifestyle publication of the very highest caliber. Won’t you join us on this grand adventure? We’re on both Twitter and Facebook, and, of course, you can visit us at I truly can’t thank you enough for your continued support-- we wouldn’t be here without you! XOXOXO


Macau trực tuyến Baccaratlos angeles? help!

I’m leaving for Los Angeles today! It’s been a bit chilly and cloudy in Chicago lately—I’m ready to get back into the sunshine :) I’ll be in the city for over a week. While I’m in town, do you have any suggestions as to what to do? I will have five free mornings and afternoons (while the boy is at work) entirely to myself to explore. Are there any museums, parks or boutiques that I can’t miss out on? As a Kansas City native, I know nothing about the West Coast—I need your help!    

(photos of L.A. courtesy of the Cherry Blossom Girl; 1, 2, 3, 4)