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july 29, 1981

Knowing what we know now about the marriage of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles, it almost breaks my heart to look at these photos. That being said, it was a most extraordinary wedding. In an article published yesterday, the New York Times noted that previous to Diana’s wedding, bouffant gowns were not widely available, let alone popular - she single-handedly brought them in vogue. Their 1981 Royal Wedding also ushered in an era of over-the-top ceremonies and receptions (a trend which didn’t decline in popularity until the recent recession!). Although I myself would rather elope than be studied by an audience of 750,000,000 as I exchanged vows, I can’t help but imagine what it would have been like to walk down the aisle on that day in July..! If Diana’s wedding was a video game, I would certainly buy it.



cheers, big ears!

Today is the birthday of my paternal grandfather, Dan. I don’t think there’s anyone I admire more - 
he is the rock of our family, wickedly smart, exceedingly giving and downright hilarious.
Above is his kindergarden photo - wasn’t he a doll?!
We love you, Pawpaw :) 


apartamento: chlo? sevigny

Chloë Sevigny’s East Village apartment (first published in the January 2007 issue of House & Garden) is one of my all-time favorite spaces. So, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that her apartment had been published a second time in Apartamento’s October 2009 issue. Albeit a bit after-the-fact, I couldn’t help but reblog these images (plus, it’s always fun to get a peek into the homes of the insanely stylish..!). When doing up the place, she and decorator David Cafiero were inspired by "that beaten-down WASP late-sixties look” made famous by Billy Baldwin. I think she does a fantastic job of bringing that look up to date + making it her own (can we talk about the tiger pillow in her Chintz-covered guest room?). If you’ll indulge me for one moment, I’d also like gush about her expansive collection of Herend figurines (see photo #7). It was rumored that she also collected them (it’s a crazy obsession of mine...), but I didn’t believe it until I saw a photo of the menagerie itself. Obsessed! I think we're destined to be friends :)

(photos by lele saveri