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on this day in history...

Henri-émile-Beno?t Matisse was born in Le Cateau-Cambrésis, Nord, France,
to a couple whom owned a flower business. He was their first son.

(self-portrait of matisse Macau trực tuyến Baccaratvia


charlotte york's apartment

It’s always fun (for me) to revisit photos of Charlotte York’s Park Avenue apartment. The sets of Sex and the City were all very lovely, but designer Jeremy Conway really outdid himself with this one. I was thrilled when Trey allowed Charlotte to keep the apartment after their divorce... I would have been so sad to see it go! The combination of mahogany furniture and warm beige textiles is très luxe. My favorite piece on this set is the curvy pink lamp that sits on her desk-- I’ve been on the hunt for a similar lamp for years! Charlotte was my favorite character on Sex and the City by far-- I so admired her boundless optimism (and wardrobe). What about you?! 

(photos courtesy of HBO)

inès de la fressange's guide to parisian chic

I don’t know about you, but the book collector in me is itching to pre-order Inès de la Fressange’s new book, The Parisian Guide to Chic. Already published in France, the book will not be available in the States until April (is it crazy that I’m considering ordering the French version?). Last week, RDuJour posted a few pages of the book which feature Inès and her sixteen-year-old daughter Nine d'Urso modeling the classics... Don’t they make you want to pre-order, too?!


emma watson: vogue italia 2008

Quick question: could Emma Watson be any more beautiful? This editorial was published in the September 2008 issue of Vogue Italia. I need a pale blue number like the one she’s wearing in the second photo (petite cap and not-so-petite diamonds included). I very much approve of the styling of this editorial... it’d be so much fun to fashion something similar for Matchbook one day ;)


mark shaw + the kennedy children

I just a-d-o-r-e these photos of Caroline and little Jon Jon taken by the Kennedy White House’s unoffocial photographer, Mark Shaw. Her pink rosette canopy, bed skirt and curtains absolutely kill me! I think it was mighty bold of Jackie to install white carpet in her young daughter’s bedroom (see a color photo of the room here)... Even as an adult, I don’t think I could handle white carpet-- I’m far too messy!

(photos scanned by moi from The John F. Kennedys: A Family Album)