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this week in pictures

A few images and thoughts from this past week... 1. I've read to page 47 of Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald and love it. I’m on track to finish the book in the next few weeks... as soon as I do, I’ll be sure to post a review 2. Season three of Game of Thrones, my HBO obsession, premiered today. Spring was everywhere last week, but all I could think was, “winter is coming.” 3 + 4. I stopped by Mission Road Antique Mall, my favorite Kansas City destination for antiques, and found two sets of new D. Porthault hand towels and bath sheets for $88... that’s practically free! That place is chock-full of gorgeous, incredibly priced things - if you’re ever in the area, you have got to visit 5. Had drinks with an old friend on Wednesday night at The Raphael Hotel... Isn’t it pretty? Can't wait to go back :) 6. Snapped a quick photo of myself wearing Nars’ matte lip pencil in “Dragon Girl”, which I often refer to as the best red known to man. It looks amazing on almost everyone and lasts for hours! If you haven't tried it, try it.

All photos via my Instagram :)


five things

My friends Molly & Sally tagged me in one of those "five things" posts a few weeks ago. I'm super self-conscious when it comes to talking about my personal life on the blog, but they've inspired me to stop being a pansy and just do it (have you seen their toast talks? I find them so wonderfully refreshing). Without further adieu... 

1. When I was four, I was run over by a golf cart. By my two-year-old brother. This is definitely the strangest fact about myself. My dad was watching us at the local country club in Rome, Georgia and must have lost track of our whereabouts... Ninety-three stitches later, I emerged victorious. If you've had the pleasure of meeting me in person, you might have noticed the Harry Potter-like scar across my chest. The club said that they'd pay for plastic surgery, but it's faded so much that it'd be useless. And oddly enough, I love it - I wouldn't feel myself without it. When I meet new people and they immediately ask what happened, I'll usually reply with something bizarre (because honestly... couldn't they have at least waited a few minutes?!). To my delight, the scar is such an unusual shape that anything goes. I guess what I'm trying to say is that there are more than a few individuals walking this earth who believe that at one point, I was an accomplished matador who had an unfortunate run-in with a bull. Hence the photo.

2. I am extremely quirky. I always have been. I was one of those weird little kids who could spend hours entertaining herself be it by reading or something a little less intelligent (...like attempting to hatch eggs straight out of the refrigerator. My mother had the patience of a saint). When it comes to people, life experiences, etc., I can't help but gravitate towards the eccentric. I once tried to date a nice, normal, 100% left-brained accountant and, though he was extremely attractive, I couldn't wait to get rid of him! Lucky for me, I have three wonderful and equally quirky siblings who find me quite normal. Which in turn makes me feel normal. Ish. 

3. My sense of style developed overnight. Literally. One day, I was wearing brown polyester pants with black cotton shirts (it was horrid) and the next day, something clicked. It was the strangest thing. No one in my family shares my sense of aesthetic - to the contrary, they call me grandmother (which I consider a compliment). Through blogging, I've made lots of friends who share my taste and can talk for hours on end about, say, Charlotte Moss' amazing tassels on the September 2004 cover of House & Garden. I consider myself blessed.

4. I love my body. I'm not twiggy and I never will be. I have an hour-glass figure and, quite frankly, I think this might be why I identify with the silhouettes of the 1950's to the extent that I do. Are there days when I wish my legs were longer? Days when I wish I looked like (/was) Kate Moss? Of course there are! But that just simply isn't in the cards for me. And that is ok :) 

5. I'm really bad at doing my own hair. For my seventeenth birthday, my dad - who NEVER buys anything name brand when he doesn't have to - gifted me with a ridiculously expensive Macau trực tuyến BaccaratMason Pearson brush. I didn't even ask for it... he was just sick of my hair looking like a bird's nest (and it did). This helped get the tangles out, but I still can't style it. After seeing how fab Molly's hair is, I begged her for her secrets - this led me to the Sultra's "Bombshell" clipless curling iron. I still can't seem to get those perfect curls she and Sally have, but things have slightly improved. I hope. 

And there you have it. I believe I'm to tag five bloggers to keep this thing going. And readers, even if they don't follow suit, you should read these blogs anyway: Blythe of Ma Vie en Rose, Kat of Miss Little Lime, Joanna of La Mignonette, Haleigh of Making Magique, and Carin of Paris in Four Months. Happy Saturday! x

(photo by Georges Dambier)


gilles bourdos' renoir

Sometimes I see things in the news and think, "have I been living under a rock?!" This, of course, is exactly what I thought when I saw the trailor for Gilles Bourdos' new movie, Renoir. You see, my favorite movies place heavy importance on beautiful visuals... they're the kind of films that one can drink like soup (is it horrible that I could care less about the plot?). Thus, it's always a wonderful occasion when I come across a film that is both beautiful and interesting. Renoir is right up my alley and I can't wait to see it. I'm sure you feel the same :) 


on scrapbooks

I adore this scrapbook collaged by one of the founders of Macon & Lesquoy during an excursion to New York. It almost reads like a list of all of the places that I’d like to visit on my next trip! ABC Carpet & Home, Gemma, Kiki de Montparnasse… please and thank you. Doesn’t it make you want to buy a new moleskine and some pretty washi tape to follow suit? I kind of view my blog as my own little scrapbook, but there’s something about paper that can’t be replicated. I think I’ll start journaling more often – I love this notebook way too much not to have my own!     


une citation

"Let them eat cake."

-Marie Antoinette

(illustration by Maira Kalman)