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vintage bowles

It’s no secret that Hamish Bowles is a knowledgeable and avid collector of vintage couture. Thus, I think Vogue’s latest move to film him on the hunt for new acquisitions is brilliant. Vintage Bowles follows the international editor-at-large around the globe on the kind of clothing expeditions you could only dream of: Macau trực tuyến Baccaratepisode one, for example, shows HB perusing the digs of Eunice Johnson; episode two features the work of Charles James (whose work appears in my facebook cover photo). I can already tell that this is going to be awesome... cannot wait for episode three!

P.S. How great are Hamish's outfits? I love him!


une citation 

"If you can't say something good about someone,
sit right here by me."

-Alice Roosevelt Longworth



the return of schiaparelli

Much to my delight, Schiaparelli is experiencing a bit of a revival! Designer Christian Lacroix is set to debut a 15-piece capsule collection during Paris' Couture Week in July. Better yet, the collection will be shown in the newly renovated salons of 21 Place Vendôme, the building which housed Elsa’s original studio (!!). I’m loving the space’s shocking pink silk tufted sofa and its Pierre Le-Tan mural. The works of Picasso and Cocteau reportedly adorn the walls; Schiap would have loved. Post Lacroix, more Schiaparelli collaborations are to come though the brand has remained very tight-lipped about exactly who is involved. Waiting with bated breath to find out what they’ll do next!   


want of the day

I’m way into C. Wonder's whimsical alligator earrings. At $34, they’re a ton of fun and an easy way to spice up my usual all-black fare. I’m also a fan of their leather and chain double wrap necklace (sounds so 50 Shades of Gray, doesn't it?) and their chic nappa leather tassel key ring. Now, if they only had free shipping…


on sleepwear

I love my getting-ready-for-bed ritual. How stress seems to dissipate with a piping hot bath, the clean lavender smell of Macau trực tuyến BaccaratDr. Bronner’s soap, the whipped texture of my potions and lotions, the dreading of flossing my teeth, the feeling of profound accomplishment post-flossing. I keep my white sheets obsessively clean and am an expert at folding hospital corners (much in part to this book). There’s nothing I love more than being perfectly scrubbed and climbing into a fresh bed (wish I could apply this mentality to my car – it’s a mess!).

But just before I turned out the lights last night, I realized that my routine was missing something: pretty sleepwear. I’m embarrassed to admit that I sleep in worn-in cotton t-shirts and shorts (à la Karlie Kloss, but way less glamorous). True, I have no one to impress but myself... But shouldn’t that be enough? I immediately looked online to “browse” (I have zero self-control) and now have my heart set on the above Dorothy Draper-approved pajamas as found on Elements of Style. Marigot’s offerings are pretty awesome, too (I borrowed one of their cotton sets for this photo – they're beautifully made and feel like satin). And then, of course, there's newcomer Sleepy Jones whose pajamas make you instantly cooler. Before I went to sleep, I decided that at some point this year I would invest in something lovely.

Who makes your favorite pajamas? Are there any secret lines I need to be aware of? What do French women sleep in? Should I just chuck it all out the window and simply wear Chanel No. 5 like Marilyn? Your thoughts on any and all of the above would be greatly appreciated :)      

(photos of Karlie by Angelo Pennetta)