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une citation 

"There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure,
but I don't know many of them." 

 -Sylvia Plath 

 (illustration by Pierre Le-Tan)   


currently coveting

My wishlist is rather long these days. As a means of working through my shopaholic tendencies, I created a college. In random order... tortoise tom ford nikita sunnies, nars' matte lip pencil in dragon lady (best red ever), an ipad mini, grace: a memoir, an old pentax (I'm feeling film cameras as of late), the saddle original flea, pierrepont hicks' blue backseat blanket, marais usa double strap suede flats, j.crew khaki toothpick pants, j.crew's perfect shirt in black watch, a fabulous orange hermes scarf, and lastly... someone to carve a yorkshire pumpkin for my front porch. That's it, really. Happy Sunday! 


quick, someone hide my wallet!

...because Olympia Le-Tan is designing clothing (am I the last to know?)! You all remember how obsessed I am with her book clutches (and really, just the woman in general). Though Monday's show was only Ms. Le-Tan's sophomore Paris Fashion Week appearance, she is easily my new favorite designer. Check out her entire Spring '13 collection here... Lolita meets the Champs-Elysées? Please and thank you!

P.S. How amazing are OLT's fashion week invites?


chez anna bond (+ an announcement!) 

On Monday evening, a longtime dream of mine came true: I signed a one-year lease for an apartment of my very own (!!). I won’t post photos yet because it needs a ton of work, but it's in a great location (just steps away from LAMILL) and has a teeny tiny private back yard. Apartment hunting in Los Angeles is just about the most competitive thing I’ve ever experienced, so I feel beyond lucky to have found such a gem!

True to form, I absolutely can’t wait to begin decorating my sunny little home. Right now, the only thing I’m sure of is a pale pink living room. I’ve been revisiting images and editorials of my favorite interiors to get inspired for the process (all of which I plan to share, of course). Macau trực tuyến BaccaratAnna Bond's instagrams of her home + office have been very influential as of late. I love her use of clean lines and rich textiles... Also, I need a rosebud-colored chair in my life. Anywho, don't hate me if I start to flood your facebook newsfeed with interior photos - it's all I can think about right now : ) 


cocktail talk in spades

Today is wild! As I don't have much time to post, I thought I'd share this short interview with Kate & Andy Spade on the subject of entertaining. Bon Appetit asks America's Sweethearts how they take their martinis (stirred, not shaken) and what Spade-approved cocktail attire looks like (Popeye would love them). Cheers!

(scanned by yours truly)