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mindblowing socks

Earlier this summer, I purchased the perfect pair of high-waisted indigo jeans (if you don’t believe me, try them on!). I cropped them just slightly because I thought the silhouette more flattering on my frame. While I don’t regret the alterations, I’ve come to find that the cold air and my exposed ankles do not get along. The solution, of course, is a few great pairs of pattered socks. And in my quest for socks, I discovered two companies that, in my opinion, make the prettiest footwear textiles on earth: Strathcona Stockins and Antipast. My chosen Strathcona Stockings offerings, images one and three, have a Diana Vreeland essence to them… If DV was alive today, she’d be wearing them in her “Garden from Hell” living room whilst sprawled on her red sofa, cigarette in hand, verbally dictating notes to whomever was in earshot. Antipast's "Edelweiss" pair, center, is sweet, expensive and sold at Barneys (so you know it’s good). While we're here, I also am on a hunt for a pair of red socks (the exact shade TBD) but haven't found them yet. I’m very particular, if you can’t tell : ) 

Question of the hour: who makes your favorite pair of socks?