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pretty earrings at gump's

I have never been to Gump's in San Francisco. And maybe it's for the best... friends who know the store well tell me that I'd never leave. I already spend too much time browsing their website, jewelry in particular. I'm an earrings fiend and their selection is show-stopping. And while I love most of their pieces, I continually come back to these three. The Gabriella Kiss gold sparrow pearl drop set is just... amazing. I love jewelry inspired by nature. They're well out of my price range, but Etsy has some nice alternatives. Second, the baroque pearls. I saw a woman wearing a similar pair in the Fall and I couldn't get over how chic she looked. They were beautiful -- not as "ladies who lunch" as I thought they would be. And finally, we have the jade studs. My friend Kit, an student at the Kansas City Art Institute, wears a pair like these nearly every day and they rock. She has a black belt in thrifting and found them at an estate sale. I always hope that I'll stumble across a pair one day but no luck so far :) 


signet rings

I’ve always wanted a little gold signet ring. Years ago in Mrs. Faschi's high school English class, I remember having a converstaion with Molly about her mom's gorgeous teeny gold initialed ring that she received long ago from her high school sweetheart. Post-discussion, my thoughts landed somewhere along the lines of, “OK, if Annie (Molly & Sally’s ridiculously chic mother) has one, then they must be cool!” (I was - and still am - a huge nerd).  

But honestly speaking, some of the coolest ladies I know wear them. My own grandmother, Dianne, has a healthy-sized gold rendition that never leaves her index finger. Princess Di was often photographed wearing one (though I couldn't tell if hers featured a crest or her initials). And more recently, my friend Katie has been sporting a beautiful gold number purchased through Mark & Graham (find it here!). 

I’d like to have a whisper of one to wear on my pinky, and I’m fairly certain that Mark and Graham’s petite signet would do the trick. I find the idea of heirloom jewelry - the notion that this might be something I could pass onto my grandchildren - terribly romantic... that being said, I still love my quirky Forever 21 pieces like nobody's business :) 

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