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une citation

"Near the end of his life, Henri Matisse's preferred attire was evening wear,
by which I mean pajamas." 

-Holland Cotter, "Wisps from an Old Man's Dreams",
published in today's NY Times.  


Macau trực tuyến Baccaraton this day in history...

Henri-émile-Beno?t Matisse was born in Le Cateau-Cambrésis, Nord, France,
to a couple whom owned a flower business. He was their first son.

(self-portrait of matisse via


on this day in history...

Henri Matisse's "Le Bateau" went on display at New York's Museum of Modern Art.
It was discovered 46 days later that the painting had been hung upside down.


Macau trực tuyến Baccaratbilly baldwin decorates (and inspires)

I spent most of yesterday afternoon reading “Billy Baldwin Decorates” in the California sunshine. I think I fell in love with the man—Mr. Baldwin has the most insightful and inspiring things to say about design! And he gives wonderful advice on everything, from buying art to organizing knickknacks to hosting dinner parties. What is it about Billy Baldwin rooms that have remained so timeless? A few minor updates, and I could live happily in any of those spaces above. I adore the raspberry walls in the first photo. Mr. Baldwin says “the sunny palette of Matisse paintings” inspired the living room’s bright color palette. The man speaks my language! I can’t wait to delve deeper into the world of Billy Baldwin—I have a feeling that my fascination with the decorator is going to be a life-long love affair.

(photos courtesy of "Billy Baldwin Decorates"; scanned by moi)

a letter from matisse

I am a total paper paraphernalia addict. I don’t scrapbook, but I should-- I save everything (handwritten letters, newspaper clippings, magazines, etc. etc.). When I came across this image of a letter and envelope drawn up by Henri Matisse on style court, I the paper-hoarder inside of me kind of freaked out. I had to post about this! Its simple flower + birdcage sketches are beautiful. Are you a person who believes that you can learn about someone by studying their handwriting? I most certainly am. I wonder what Matisse’s handwriting says about his personality. A biography on the artist is next on my reading list, though which one I’m not sure. Any recommendations?