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a bit of wisdom from ira glass

(wonderful quote courtesy of note to self)


on radio: an op-ed

A little-known fact about myself: I rarely watch TV (save for Mad Men of course, which I watch on iTunes). I try so hard to get into shows like The Bachelor[ette] and The Hills/The City, but I just can’t do it. Do you know how many conversations I have not been able to participate in because I don’t follow reality television?! The number is probably in the thousands. Don’t hate me for saying this (!!), but I find public radio endlessly more fascinating than The Real Housewives of [insert city name here]. I begin each day by listening to NPR’s Morning Edition and I look forward to Sunday nights when I can stream the latest episode of This American Life from the program’s website. I love that radio shows force me to use my imagination. And I love that they’re about real people-- real heartbreaks, real victories.. Call me what you may (I call myself a 60-year-old trapped in a twenty-something’s body), but I’d take Ira Glass over Lauren Conrad anyday :)

I’d love to know-- what radio shows and/or podcasts do you listen to? Besides The Skirted Roundtable, I really have yet to explore the realm of podcasts .. Is there anything I'm missing out on? 

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