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Fohr Card's Holly Stair is one of those people that's just got it. That je ne sais quoi, that thing which allows some individuals to leave a long-lasting impression that others without it simply can not. This, of course, is evident in her kick-ass blog, It's Vintage, and any and all projects to which she lends her well-trained eye. Can it be learned? I spoke with Ms. Stair in an attempt to find out.

Tell me a bit about Fohr Card. How did this new venture come about?
Our team was collectively thinking about a better way to organize the fashion blog sphere. I was working as a social media manager and wanted a better way to organize the bloggers I already worked with, as well as find new ones to work with that I wouldn't have been able to find without hours of research. We started working on it and the rest is history!

I bet you have cool business cards. Want to share a picture?
You win. We do, we had them done at Mandate Press in Utah. I really believe in investing in great business cards, which is why I love a Rolodex. Such a waste to scan and toss a beautiful piece of print.

You have an enviable vintage wardrobe. When wearing your amazing retro goods, what is your secret to keeping your outfit modern?
Proportions. They definitely didn't wear skirts quite as short as I do in the late 50's/60's.

So, what's on your Spring wishlist?
As you know, I was on a frantic mission for the Louis Vuitton spring runway shoes (which was a success), so I think I have everything I need for right now. 

What’s on your dream wish list?
A Kelly bag, but not a shiny beautiful new one. I like the way the Olsens carry them a little beat up. It shows character. I'll probably try looking for one at auction.

Do you have a signature scent? What are some of your go-to beauty products as of late?
I don't, I like to switch it up. Right now I'm mixing Jo Malone Orange Blossom and Red Roses. I recently received a ton of products/tools from Amika and they changed my hair, the curling iron and blow up spray are amazing. I also am addicted to Nars matte lip pencils and Amarte cleansing foam. And I swear by Maybelline liquid eyeliner.

In terms of wardrobe, what films inspire you?
Valley of the Dolls. Seriously, Sharon Tate's manicure was so on point and Barbara Parkin's hair was unreal.

Social media-wise, who are some of your favorite people to follow? What blogs inspire you?
My favorite blogs are Karla's Closet and Tales of Endearment. They are so incredible. Karla was the first blog I ever discovered and remains my favorite. I'm constantly favorite-ing Danielle Prescod from Moda Operandi's tweets, she's hilarious. I follow a lot of vintage photo Tumblrs, but I love what Equipment does on the platform. My friends over at Wear This to That also do an amazing illustration Tumblr. 

What do you collect?
Coats! And anything with scarab beetles, I love them and am fascinated by their myth.

What’s currently on your nightstand?
My nightstand (aka window sill of my Lower East Side Apartment) has Stephanie LaCava's book, An Extraordinary Theory of Objects: A Memoir of an Outsider in Paris, a copy of Lolita and The Experience Economy. I haven't picked up a magazine in a while, which is a shame.

You’ve just been given $100 and must spend it on yourself. What do you do?
Get a manicure! Mei at Valley Nails in New York is an artist, and worth every penny.

I like to end a good conversation with a nightcap. What’s your drink of choice?
A Manhattan, of course.

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 (photo credits: 1 by James Nord. 3 by Natasha Jahangir)


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(images courtesy of James Nord)