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Macau trực tuyến Baccaratoutfit obsession

I've always loved this old J.Crew catalog cover... Perhaps because the model's outfit reminds me of something that my beautiful mama would wear when I was in grade school in the '90s. All pieces in the photo are classics that everyone should have in their wardrobe -- a chambray shirt, a thin white turtleneck, a chunky black cardigan and ropes of pearls. Oh, and a great lip stain. Can't wait to recreate this in the fall :)


currently coveting

My wishlist is rather long these days. As a means of working through my shopaholic tendencies, I created a college. In random order... tortoise tom ford nikita sunnies, nars' matte lip pencil in dragon lady (best red ever), an ipad mini, grace: a memoir, an old pentax (I'm feeling film cameras as of late), the saddle original flea, pierrepont hicks' blue backseat blanket, marais usa double strap suede flats, j.crew khaki toothpick pants, j.crew's perfect shirt in black watch, a fabulous orange hermes scarf, and lastly... someone to carve a yorkshire pumpkin for my front porch. That's it, really. Happy Sunday! 


racy ladies

Try as I might to write about relevant news and editorials, sometimes I find something ancient that is too good not to highlight. Case in point: this Princess Margaret-esque editorial from the May 2011 issue of Tatler. It’s even titled “Racy Ladies” – and if you know anything about the Princess, you know that she one very wild monarch (royal skinny dipping, anyone?). I’m on a mission to find a hot pink satin trench coat à la photo #4 – it looks as if it could have jumped straight out of the movie Funny Face. I'm un peu obsessed. PS – don’t those floral headpieces remind you of J.Crew’s April ’10 catalog? :)

(photos by Kristian Schuller; via


want of the day

I’m assuming that – as much as we don’t like it – most of us will not be spending $2,160 (+ tax) on those Sofia Coppola for LV leopard silk pajamas. But never fear! J.Crew makes a comparable pair of PJs that are just as adorable. Their silk celestial pajama shirt + pant caught my eye in the December catalog – they made it into Jenna’s Picks. If they’re good enough for Ms. Lyons, they’re certainly good enough for me. I'm willing to bet money that Sofia fancies them, as well :) 


want of the day

Without discussing the “whys” of Jenna Lyon’s recent (and very public) split with husband Vincent Mazeau, can we all take a moment to enjoy these last photos of their shared Brooklyn townhouse? The space is currently listed by Sotheby’s for a cool 3.75 million. But to live in a home once inhabited by the already-legendary president of J.Crew? I’d say it’s a steal! One can only wonder where Ms. Lyons will find herself next (…and if it will be published soon). I feel bittersweet about posting these photos - divorce, in any case, is awful. I can only hope that it brings the couple peace and happiness. I'm sure my sweet readers feel the same :)