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beekeeping à l'opéra national de paris

Jean Paucton has (completely unintentionally) become one of the world’s most famous beekeepers. On a whim, the 77-year-old former prop assistant for l'Opéra National de Paris took a class in beekeeping in early 2008. Mr. Paucton originally set up his hives on the balcony of his Paris apartment, but after receiving more than a few complaints from his neighbors he decided that he needed to find his “pets” a new home. Thankfully, the Palais Garnier allowed their longtime employee to continue his hobby on their roof. Soon after, the beekeeper and his bees were photographed for Paris Match - the international press went wild! Jars of Mr. Paucton’s honey are now among the most expensive in the world. Isn't the finished product beautiful? :)