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cocktail talk in spades

Today is wild! As I don't have much time to post, I thought I'd share this short interview with Kate & Andy Spade on the subject of entertaining. Bon Appetit asks America's Sweethearts how they take their martinis (stirred, not shaken) and what Spade-approved cocktail attire looks like (Popeye would love them). Cheers!

(scanned by yours truly)


the king and queen of spades

I’m sure you’ve already seen these photos of Mr. & Mrs. Spade’s Manhattan abode, but I couldn’t help but repost. When I saw them early Sunday morning, I immediately called one of my girlfriends to gush at its gorgeousness. From their vintage Matchbook collection to their quirky art, the home is perfectly unperfect. Dare I say it’s my dream home? The fact that they have a little doll like Bea running about makes it all the more charming. Did anyone notice that awesome rotary phone in the office? It makes me want to get a landline... Just think about how much more productive your work calls would be should you conduct them on a glossy vintage phone!

(photos courtesy of The Selby)