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unwrapped: for me, for you

Hi there, I'm Kate and I do my thing (photography/jewelry making/rambling) over at For Me, For You. I don't blog about "stuff" very often these days, so this wish list was a treat to put together. I approached this as a list of things I want and a few things I own that I think would make awesome gifts. Thanks for having me, Fallon!

1. Dinosaur Toes Earrings
They're so simple and easily transition between dressy and casual.

2. Macau trực tuyến BaccaratScore+Solder Hanging Planter
Do I even need to explain why this is awesome? This has been in my dreams for a bit now.

3. MCMC Hunter
Jenny sent me this recently from her new amazing shop and I wear it every single day. It's easy enough to wear everyday, but is also really unique smelling so you won't run into tons of other ladies wearing it as well.

4. Ermie After Party Dress
Girls, treat yo' self, this dress will make you feel like a million bucks. Or a million twinkling lights. Either way, awesome.

5. Fieldguided Dreamcats 2012 Calendar
This calendar contains all the key elements of my personal taste: peach color, retro font, geometric shapes, and kittens. 

6. Stine Goya Noble Hat
I haven't owned a hat since a Mariners baseball hat I wore in the fourth grade until my short hair tucked under it got me mistaken for a boy, but hats are a romantic idea to me these days, and this beauty especially.

7. Butter London Laquer in Wallis
I wear nail polish pretty much 24/7 and I can say with confidence that Butter London is the best stuff out there. I want this dark, sparkly color for the dark winter days. Just kidding, I live in LA. Don't throw things at me.

8. Heath Teapot
I drink a lot of tea, and this is the teapot of my dreams. 

9. Rifle Paper Co Botanical Notebooks Collection
Someone sent these to me recently and I've decided that they are the perfect gift - they're beautiful, affordable, and everyone can use a pretty notebook.

(PS! For more Kate, check out her fabulous jewelry boutique! -FH)