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home again, home again, jiggity-jig

I’ve been considering a move back to Kansas City for quite some time, and last Friday I finally pulled the trigger. It’s un peu bittersweet as Los Angeles is wonderful! I’m sure I’ll visit again soon. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to all of the little things that make Kansas City so charming: the Nelson-Atkins museum, the stately homes that line Ward Parkway, Loose Park’s rose garden in bloom, my mom’s amazing cooking, (free) parking everywhere, zero traffic... 

My little brother kindly agreed to fly to Los Angeles to accompany me on the long drive home. I sure hope he likes Julia Child and the Duchess of Devonshire as we'll be listening to their memoirs in the car (I'm calling it our 24-hour history lesson). Can't wait :) 


chlo? sevigny + a wednesday soliloquy

Apartment hunting in Los Angeles is exhausting. The sole factor getting me through this process is that (hopefully) by the end, I will have a beautiful apartment to decorate. Which is where these photos of Chloë Sevigny by Terry Richardson come in. I’m not sure if my boyfriend (with whom I’ve been living with for almost a year now!) would go for pale pink walls in our new place, but he travels quite a bit and I could always paint while he’s away. (He’ll learn to love it :). But back to Chloë, I also love her mix of rose-colored walls with that great red printed couch + matching curtains. Pink and red is a terribly, terribly chic color combo. Just take a look at Miles Redd’s living room! I’ll be dreaming for the rest of the day of how to incorporate this scheme into my new place. Anywho, enough of my soliloquy. Have a wonderful Wednesday, dolls! 


Macau trực tuyến Baccaratkate spade + the west side

I know that the blog has been a bit Los Angeles-centric lately, but I really can’t help myself! Exploring a new city is so much fun, especially when companies like Kate Spade do the scouting for you. To promote their partnership with Shutters on the Beach,  Kate Spade created this map of cool places to visit when on LA’s west side. I live on the (way cheaper...) east side, but try to make it to the beach as much as possible :) Can't wait to check these places out + report back! 

(illustrated map courtesy of behind the curtain


want of the day

If some kind soul were to offer to buy me a car outright (hey, it could happen!), I’d definitely choose something like this 1972 tangerine BMW 2002tii. There are so many beautiful old cars about Los Angeles (I’m obsessed with this one in my neighborhood...). The warm weather here seems to make automobiles last much longer! I have to ask: If someone were to offer you a car, no strings attached, what would you choose? 


"toto, I've a feeling we're not in kansas anymore."

Last Wednesday (which also happened to be my birthday!), I picked up my things and moved to Los Angeles. I already miss Kansas City, but I’m so happy to be on the West Coast. It all seems a bit surreal! If I’ve any readers who are familiar with LA, would you mind sharing your favorite spots - cafés, boutiques, parks, galleries... - with me? I’m living in the Silver Lake area (which is darling), but I can’t wait to go exploring. If you live nearby, feel free to drop a line! x

(Photos by Bonnie Tsang)