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Macau trực tuyến Baccaratat work with sofia coppola 

I have no idea how I stumbed across these photos on Le Monde, but I'm glad I did. I've never seen Sofia's New York office before and I'm feeling quite inspired. I'd like to think that you could bring this space ten years forward or backward, and it'd still make sense. Don't you agree? In my opinion, this is largely due to the personal objects and trinkets scattered about. Sofia didn't buy her books in one go on amazing nor did she purchase all pieces of art one sleepless night on Etsy. In the accompanying interview, she notes that she actually snapped many of the photos herself. They look quite lovely and professonal simply because they are beautifully framed. You, too, can do this! And you don't need an expensive camera to follow suit :) 

Also: I'm beginning to think that a watermelon-colored desk is the secret to greatness. For all you die-hard Jenna Lyons fans, you know what I mean. I was already planning to repaint my black desk a pure white once the weather warmed up, but now I'm rethinking everything.   

Put your high school French skills to use and read the article here. Bonne journée!


the real world.

Ohmygoodness! Who would have thought that the transition into the real world would be difficult? Certainly not me! I’m seriously missing sleeping in. But I shouldn’t be complaining—life is fantastic :)
The real point of this post is to share this wonderful photo with all of you. Any photos taken in office settings seem catch my eye nowadays (I can't get my mind off work!). Do you think it was staged? I like to hope that it wasn’t because it’s so sweet. I guess all’s fair in love and politics, right? 

(image source unknown)

jenna lyons: office chic

I know the blogging world is a little fried on Jenna Lyons right now, but these photos of her office are too cool not to post (although I can’t imagine that one of you stylish ladies missed out on posting about this story last year when it was published). I love the reasoning behind her unusual desk choice. Jenna Says, “They had it displayed and I sat down and my husband took a picture of me while I was sitting at the desk and I looked at it and I was like 'I look great!' The pink was reflecting on my face and I said, 'I'll take it!' How funny is that? I’m particularly interested in office decoration these days (today was my first day of work!). Do you think they’d mind if I started a crazy inspiration board above my desk à la Ms. Lyons?