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league of two: partners & spade

Another documentary about Partners & Spade! I love hearing these two men talk about what’s going on at their storefront-meets-office-space. From hilarious "vanity trophies" to various installations, "the storefront," the men say, "is commerce meets art." This short film follows the men as they plan and host the grand opening of the "Going Out Of Business Supply Store," a pop-up store selling everything that one needs when their business flops. The store (open for a grand total of 24 hours) hardly brought in a profit, but it didn't matter-- Andy and Anthony saw it as art. Genius ;)


what I didn't get for christmas

Leave it to Partners & Spade to publish a quirky book like this one! What I Didn’t Get for Christmas is a compilation of hilarious "woe is me" stories from men regarding what they didn’t get for Christmas at some point in their lives. Partners & Spade produced it as “branded content” for J.Crew’s Liquor Store. I want one!


partners & spade do it again

I lovelovelove this J.Crew Holiday ad directed by the talented duo behind Partners & Spade. This is definitely one for the inspiration board. I think it's so smart of J.Crew to highlight other companies who are doing cool things (like Living Christmas, for example)... maybe one day, they'll highlight Matchbook Magazine ;) 


Macau trực tuyến Baccaratpartners & spade present: boast

Thank goodness Andy Spade is still creating ad campaigns! The above is his most recent work for Boast, a cheeky tennis apparel company. Andy has a raw talent for conveying stories through photographs. I idolize his quirky, WASP-y aesthetic-- no one, and I mean no one, does it better. I’m constantly browsing through his work on Partners & Spade for inspiration (have you seen his new ads for J.Crew? they’re brilliant!). I can only imagine what Beatrice, Andy and Kate’s little girl, will do when she grows up. By the way, do you remember when I posted about Andy Spade’s favorite hat a little while ago? That photo was taken while they were they were shooting this campaign : )

(photos by Susanna Howe)

andy spade on his favorite straw hat

"I found this straw hat at a farmers’ market in Sonoma, California. The only other people I'd seen wearing it before were the workers in the vineyards. I’d always assumed the hat was from Mexico because most of the vineyard labourers are Mexican. It turns out the hat is from Ghana, Africa. It is handmade and comes only in ‘natural’ with a variety of colours striped on the brim and base of the hat.

"This particular picture was taken on location last week while on a shoot for the American tennis brand Boast. We couldn't afford a stylist so we mixed the Boast shirts up with things from our own closets. The girl in the picture is the daughter of one of our best friends. My wife and I have known her since she was born.

"I've had the hat for four years and it keeps getting better with age. It's been in the ocean and the pool several times, yet refuses to be destroyed. The shape only improved with weathering. I bought several for my storefront in NYC, but it felt like a fish out of water in the city. It cries out for the California coastline and the arid deserts of Africa." --Andy Spade

(photo by Susanna Howe; via)