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Macau trực tuyến BaccaratscalamandrĂ© + pierrepont hicks = love

I am so pleased to see the recent collaboration between two of my favorite companies, Scalamandré and Pierrepont Hicks! Were it not only pre-order, wouldn't this zebra tie be perfect for Father's Day? (PLUS, If your dad didn't like you could always "borrow" it for use as an awesome curtain tieback...). Anywho, both Scalamandré and PPH make beautiful & lasting objects d'art that I could eat with a spoon. Isn't it wonderful when two brands you love come together? This summer seems to be full of good collaborations :)


want of the day


I’ve been eyeing Scalamandré’s red zebra umbrella for months now (haven’t we all?!). BUT, when the company added a zebra second umbrella in their yellow colorway last week, my heart was torn - I’m not sure which one I like best! Wouldn’t this sunshine-y confection be perfect for a dreary day? Never mind the fact that it rarely rains in LA - it doesn't seem to stop Kelly Wearstler :) 


want of the day

I often tell people that one of my goals in life is to own a home... just so that I can cover it in wallpaper. Spefically Scalamandré's "Zebras" (any color way will do). Because I'm an impatient person, I was thinking that I'd find a way to use it in my next apartment. Perhaps inside the panel on a closet door? Although in recent days I've come across the wallpaper quite often (see here), I never find it redundant. What do you think? Are you over it, or do you believe "Zebras" to be a classic?