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House Beautiful’s “I Love My Bed” series is one of my favorite ongoing editorials. The interview, always with interesting tastemakers, is short, sweet and full of fun facts. Take Sid + Ann Mashburn. You may have guessed that Ann is a Francophile, but would you have known that they used to argue over how to fold sheets? (hilarious.)  

Bob Morris, the journalist who interviewed the Mashburns for this piece, asked them the most interesting question: “If your bedroom had a name, what would you call it?” Which makes me wonder... what would you name your bedroom? Ann chose "haven" or "heaven." If I had to christen mine in its current state, I’d name it something like, "don't judge me." But my old bedroom? Maybe it'd be "Hamish" for my Hamish Bowles-inspired walls (which turned out way more purple than planned :) Anywho, do you have a favorite ongoing editorial? 

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I love their 'send us a picture of your...' series. Love the new look of your site!

This column is one of my favorites, too! It definitely sets people into a more sharing mood with the interviewer, I feel.

That is such a fun idea for an interview. I've never seen this before, but I'll definitely look out for it in the magazine now.

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08.29.2012 | Unregistered CommenterJaclyn

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